CD7523CS Datenblatt PDF – 4W Audio Power Amplifier

Teilenummer : CD7523CS

Funktion : 4W Audio Power Amplifier Circuit

Hersteller : Wuxi China Huajin Microelectronics ( )

CD7523CS datenblatt

Beschreibung :

This IC bridge output is a 4W audio power amplifier circuit, mainly used in television and audio equipment and other systems. Its special Points are as follows:

1. Wide supply voltage range, can work in the voltage range of 3.5 ~ 13.5V
2. has a standby function
3. with DC volume control
4. simple peripheral circuits
5. Package: FSIP9

AN17821, AN17823, TV circuit IC

CD7523CS pinout pdf


Available AN7523, AN17823A direct substitution

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CD7523CS pdf

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