UCC27511 Datenblatt PDF ( Pinout, schematic )

Teilenummer : UCC27511

Function : Single-Channel High-Speed Low-Side Gate Driver (with 4-A Peak Source and 8-A Peak Sink)

Hersteller : Texas Instruments

Pinout :

UCC27511 datenblatt

Beschreibung :

The UCC27511 and UCC27512 single-channel high-speed low-side gate-driver device is capable of effectively driving MOSFET and IGBT power switches. Using a design that inherently minimizes shoot-through current, UCC27511 and UCC27512 are capable of sourcing and sinking high peak-current pulses into capacitive loads offering rail-to-rail drive capability and extremely small propagation delay typically 13 ns.

The UCC27511 and UCC27512 provides 4-A source, 8-A sink (asymmetrical drive) peak-drive current capability. Strong sink capability in asymmetrical drive boosts immunity against parasitic, Miller turnon effect. The UCC27511 device also features a unique split output configuration where the gate-drive current is sourced through OUTH pin and sunk through OUTL pin. This unique pin arrangement allows the user to apply independent turnon and turnoff resistors to the OUTH and OUTL pins respectively and easily control the switching slew rates.


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UCC27511 pdf

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