PMP9128 Datenblatt – Nvidia Tegra T40/T50 Processor

Teilenummer : PMP9128

Function : Small Form Factor Nvidia Tegra T40/T50 Processor Power Design for Automotive infotaionment

Package : Module Type

Hersteller : Texas Instruments

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PMP9128 datenblatt

Beschreibung :

This Nvidia Tegra™ T40/T50 Processor Power Automotive Infotainment reference design powers the Nvidia Tegra T40/T50 Core Processor using the TPS51632Q1 and TPS51604Q1 Automotive Qualified Devices. It is targeted towards OEM or After-Market Infotainment Designs, including Rear Seat Entertainment.

  • 234mm2 of total power supply area (including input/output caps and inductor)
  • Only 10x22uF ceramic output caps to meet load transient requirements
  • 6V to 19V input support
  • Scalability with phase count optimization
  • ~ 87% peak efficiency at 1MHz switching frequency
  • Tight Output  Voltage Accuracy

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