MAX954 Datenblatt PDF ( Pinout, schematic )

Teilenummer : MAX954

Function : Ultra-Low-Power, Single-Supply Op Amp + Comparator + Reference / 2.4V to 7V Supply Voltage Range

Hersteller : Maxim Integrated

Pinout :

MAX954 datenblatt

Beschreibung :

The MAX951–MAX954 feature combinations of a micropower operational amplifier, comparator, and reference in an 8-pin package. In the MAX951 and MAX952, the comparator’s inverting input is connected to an internal 1.2V ±2% bandgap reference.

The MAX953 and MAX954 are offered without an internal reference. The MAX951/MAX952 operate from a single 2.7V to 7V supply with a typical supply current of 7µA, while the MAX953/MAX954 operate from 2.4V to 7V with a 5µA typical supply current. Both the op amp and comparator feature a common-mode input voltage range that extends from the negative supply rail to with in 1.6V of the positive rail, as well as output stages that swing Rail-to-Rail®.

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MAX954 pdf

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