LA7674 Datenblatt – TV Processor

Teilenummer : LA7674

Function : Color TV singl-chip signal processor

Package : DIP 52 Pin Type

Hersteller : SANYO ( Panasonic )

Pinout :

LA7674 datenblatt

Beschreibung :

The LA7674 improves upon the black-level, horizontaljitter, switch-on drift performance of the single-chip LA7672 used to date. Also a single-chip IC, the LA7674 is for color TVs based on the NTSC (National Television System Committee) system with an on-chip circuit for all VIF, SIF, video, chroma and deflection signal processing.

Application Circuit

Functions and Features

• PLL detection (high video and audio quality)
• High-gain VIF amplifier
• High speed AGC
• On-chip APC time constant switch

• Simultaneous sound IN/OUT
• Video/audio simultaneous muting, or audio-only muting possible]

• RGB 3 input
• RGB linear amplifier (– 6dB input: 2V to 5V)
• Fast blanking (B input combined use)

• On-chip ACC filter, On-chip killer filter, Killer-circuit hysteresis operation
• On-chip carrier filter

• Black enhancement

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