KV1450F5 Datenblatt PDF ( Pinout, schematic )

Teilenummer : KV1450F5


Hersteller : Toko America Inc

Pinout :

KV1450F5 datenblatt

Beschreibung :

The KV1450 variable capacitance diode was specially made to be used as tuning elements in car radios, radio cassettes, stereos, and other consumer radios. The KV1450 is suitable for wide band tuning from 76 to 108 MHz.

If the KV450 is used only for FM reception, it is possible to operate it at 4.5 V so it is very useful in lowering the power demands of the set.

The KV1450 is available in the miniature SOT23-3 package.


Datenblatt PDF Download

KV1450F5 pdf

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