AXP209 Datenblatt PDF – Power Management Unit – X-Powers

Teilenummer : AXP209

Function : Enhanced single Cell Li-Battery and Power System Management IC

Package : 6mm x 6mm 48-pin QFN

Hersteller :  X-Powers Limited

Pinout :

AXP209 image

Beschreibung :

AXP209 is a highly integrated power management chip system for single-cell lithium batteries (lithium-ion or lithium polymer) and the need for multiple power conversion.

Output applications, providing easy to use yet flexible configuration of a complete power solution to fully meet today’s increasingly complex application processing.

System for precise power control requirements.

AXP209 Datenblatt

AXP209 integrates

  • an adaptive USB-Compatible PWM charger
  • 2-way step-down converter (Buck DC-DC converter)
  • 5-channel linear regulator device (LDO) voltage / current / temperature multi-channel 12-Bit ADC
  • 4 configurable GPIO. Sustaining Card power system security the stable
  • AXP209 integrated over / under voltage (OVP / UVP), over temperature (OTP), overcurrent protection (OCP) circuit.


  • Automatic gapless power source change (IPS – Intelligent Power Select)
    • Voltage range: 2.9 V – 6.3V (AMR:-0.3V-11V)
    • Configurable high efficient IPS system
    • Adjustable USB or AC-adapter current limit (4.4V/900mA/500mA/100mA)
    • Battery Power Path resistance less than 75mΩ
  • Fully integrated PWM Charger
    • Maximum charging current of up to 1.8A
    • Full support USB charging
    • Battary voltage range: 4.1V/4.15V/4.2V/4.36V
    • Battery temperature monitoring
    • Automatic charging process control
    • Support charger LED
    • Automatically adjust charge current according to system load

AXP209 Circuit


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