AD9740 Datenblatt PDF ( Pinout, schematic )

Teilenummer : AD9740

Function : 10-Bit, 210 MSPS TxDAC D/A converter

Hersteller : Analog Devices

Pinout :

AD9740 datenblatt

Beschreibung :

The AD9740 is a 10-bit resolution, wideband, third generation member of the TxDAC series of high performance, low power CMOS digital-to-analog converters (DACs). The TxDAC family, consisting of pin-compatible 8-, 10-, 12-, and 14-bit DACs, is specifically optimized for the transmit signal path of communication systems. All of the devices share the same interface options, small outline package, and pinout, providing an upward or downward component selection path based on performance, resolution, and cost. The AD9740 offers exceptional ac and dc performance while supporting update rates up to 210 MSPS.

High performance member of pin-compatible
TxDAC product family
Excellent spurious-free dynamic range performance
SNR @ 5 MHz output, 125 MSPS: 65 dB
Twos complement or straight binary data format
Differential current outputs: 2 mA to 20 mA
Power dissipation: 135 mW @ 3.3 V
Power-down mode: 15 mW @ 3.3 V
On-chip 1.2 V Reference
CMOS-compatible digital interface
28-lead SOIC, 28-lead TSSOP, and 32-lead LFCSP
Edge-triggered latches

Wideband communication transmit channel
Direct IF
Base stations
Wireless local loops
Digital radio links
Direct digital synthesis (DDS)

TMINto TMAX, AVDD = 3.3 V, DVDD = 3.3 V, CLKVDD = 3.3 V, IOUTFS= 20 mA, unless otherwise noted.

Datenblatt PDF Download

AD9740 pdf

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